ISOLOC Commercial


That you can measure in silence! Isoloc vibration-insulated bearing plates for laboratory and measuring instruments.

Bearing plate for measuring and laboratory equipment


Isoloc vibration isolating bearing plates are the solution for protecting vibration-sensitive...

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New products and services

The new AIRDAM® air suspension systems enable highly effective receiver and source insulation of vibrations and structure-borne

Furthermore, the systems are ideally suited for solving vibration problems in ceiling installations. 

Low vertical stiffness for lowest natural...

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New products and services

The new Machine Shoe series UMS/SL STEEL LINE - forged precision in steel

Universal Precision Machine Shoes (pat.) UMS8/SL and UMS8/SLZ (pat.)
For the exact and zero play installation of high dynamic machines.


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Setup of 5-axis-Machining Centres - how it is correct

Problems of a DMG MORI 5-axis-Machining Centre DMU 60 eVo with isoloc UMS Machine Shoes solved.


This example shows that not always the complex and...

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