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24.05.2017 Projects, News

Ultra-precision machining centre on high damping UMS Machine Shoes

The KERN Pyramid Nano stands on isoloc UMS8-ASF/20-2. The vibration behaviour and the specific characteristics of these machine shoes fit best this high-precision CNC-machine.more »

03.02.2017 Projects

Structure-borne noise insulation of an indoor crane

Problem: Vibrations and structure-borne noise in a new event and training centre of the leading European indoor crane manufacturer had to be reduced so that the crane house and the immediate environment are not disturbed by demonstrations of the new indoor crane. more »

28.09.2016 New products and services

The new, patented Machine Mounting Systems MULTIDAM® MD-4axis for high stability in all spatial directions.

Machine Mounting Systems MULTIDAM® MD-4axis offer in comparison to conventional elastic setup elements high stability in all spatial directions and at the same time good vibration insulation. They are ideally suited for vibration insulated setup of machines with high dynamics. Due to the special arrangement of the 8 respectively 16 inclined contact surfaces, force exciters in all spatial directions are better absorbed than in conventional elements and are transmitted in a considerably reduced...more »

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