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24.07.2017 Projects, News

Setup of 5-axis-Machining Centres - how it is correct

Problems of a DMG MORI 5-axis-Machining Centre DMU 60 eVo with isoloc UMS Machine Shoes solved. This example shows that not always the complex and expensive solutions with air spring systems are necessary for difficult setup situations in vibration engineering terms and that common, cheap wedge mounts are in the end more expensive for the machine-tool manufacturer.more »

21.07.2017 Projects, News

Setup of a machining centre on an upper floor

The setup was carried out on an upper floor on a ceiling with unknown 1st bending natural frequency which was calculated by isoloc. more »

24.05.2017 Projects, News

Ultra-precision machining centre on high damping UMS Machine Shoes

The KERN Pyramid Nano stands on isoloc UMS8-ASF/20-2. The vibration behaviour and the specific characteristics of these machine shoes fit best this high-precision CNC-machine.more »

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